Consent (given to Wikiznak concerning the use of personal data)

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Hereby, by providing personal data, the User provides his or her permission for Individual Entrepreneur Kudryavtsev Alexey Ivanovich (Saint Petersburg, Nevsky district, Shlisselburgsky pr. 1, apt. 331; Individual number of a taxpayer: 781141666807, Basic state registration number: 317784700002338) in accordance with Federal law №152 (passed in 27.07.2006). The permission embraces all personal data that was provided by the User either when checking a brand name or when filing a trademark application.

The permission is in force with regard to the following actions: the systematization, storage, specifying, using, sharing, depersonalization, prohibition, obliteration of data.

The actions mentioned above can be implemented in terms of trademark registration, patenting inventions, drafting contracts and agreements, providing other services stipulated here: In addition to that, personal data is supposed to be used for providing surveys, sending out information, including marketing messages and proposals.

The consent is provided by the User with no time limits. It is in force until it is revoked. The consent, provided for the use, processing, storage of personal data, is supposed to be used with regard to the following purposes:

  • The implementation of client support;
  • Receiving information pertaining to marketing;
  • Fulfilling audit and accompanying or similar actions;
  • Providing trademark registration services;
  • Drafting contracts and agreements between the User and Wikiznak; – Providing other services described here:;

In the meaning of providing consent, personal data is supposed to be any information pertaining to:

  • A first of the second name;
  • The date of birth;
  • A phone number;
  • E-mail;
  • A brand name;
  • Logo;
  • The fields of occupation of the company;
  • The name of the company and its other specific details;
  • Details included in a User’s passport or another document;
  • Details related to a User’s entrepreneur stature when he or she possesses it;
  • The address of the User (zip-code, city, street, house, apartment, etc.).

Personal data is stored on electronic media only, and it is processed by automatic systems with the exception of cases when manual processing is required by law.

Wikiznak pledges not to provide personal data for third parties with the exception of the following circumstances:

  • Official government’s requests and inquiries;
  • Cooperation with the strategic partners of Wikiznak when it is required for providing extra services for the User;
  • The interaction with the RUPTO concerning the services described here:;

Wikiznak retains its right to pass amendments to the rules mentioned above in cases when the changes are in total accordance with the law. The changes initiated by Wikiznak are in force since the moment they have been published on the website.

The described agreement has no time limits, and it is in force until the User revokes it.