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What are benefits you get?

An expert approach

In the company, we do not have managers. Therefore, you will contact either a lawyer or a trademark attorney directly. In a short period of time, you will receive correct information related to your case.

A comprehensive approach

The skills and the qualification of our employees allow us to decide tasks of any complexity.

Reasonable cost

Dealing with us, you receive a service for a price which is lower than the average market price. Since the cost of our services is flat, there will be no additional payments throughout the process. In addition to that, under no circumstances, the price will be changed once you have paid

Kudryavtsev Alexey


Have a great day, all visitors of the Wikiznak website! My name is Alexey Kudryavtsev, I am the managing partner of the company. The main mission of our company is to select the best turnkey solutions for your business. Cooperating with us, you can be sure that your task is managed by a well-coordinated group of lawyers. We are able to solve a task effectively and for a short period of time. You give us the information, we provide you the solution.

Let me introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my occupation. I am an intellectual property law expert, my experience in the field is above than 5 years. During that time, I have been reviewing more than 15000 trademarks and have been providing assistance for more than 9000 clients. As a consequence, there have been more than 1000 trademark certifications obtained with my aid. To me, intellectual property is not just an occupation, but an entire life.

In the company, we have both IP lawyers and patent (trademark) attorneys who are specialists in intellectual property. Either of them has profound knowledge in a specific field which is either trademarks, computer programs, or patenting. We provide services in different directions such as drafting complaints and claims, filing trademark applications, litigating of any complexity in courts. The total experience of Wikiznak employees is more than 54 years. We are willing to share it with you…

Which types of intellectual property do we protect?

Trademark search

Reviewing RUPTO bases, we are able to figure out whether or not there have been the same (or extremely similar) trademarks or pending applications

Trademark registration

We register trademarks with guarantees for the best price. In our practice, there have been more than 800 successful cases

Patenting IP objects

Obtaining a patent for an invention or a utility model is a great and reliable way in terms of protecting new developments connected with science and technology

IP agreements and contracts

We craft and, subsequently, register contracts and agreements related to intellectual property. Our lawyers are always willing to consider your interests


Since our patent and trademark attorneys have wide experience and necessary qualifications, patent agency Wikiznak is able to resolve disputes of any complexity. You can make sure of it once you have chosen cooperation with us

International TM registration

We are able to submit an application in order to receive legal protection for a trademark in foreign countries. The best possible solution for that is to use a procedure connected with the Madrid Agreement which currently has been signed by more than 100 countries