The refund policy of Wikiznak

Using our services and tools, you thereby express your consent with the Wikiznak refund policy. Wikiznak, which is both the website and the company, retains its right to pass amendments to the refund policy. By providing us your consent, you agree to visit this page sometimes in order to familiarize yourself with the actual information of refund that you should follow.

The refund policy has been an inseparable part of the general Wikiznak website policy.

There have been guarantees included in the refund policy. In particular, if you have decided to avoid the contract, or if you assume that our services have been fulfilled badly, Wikiznak refunds you the money.

If your expectations of our company have not been satisfied, your lawful demand for a refund can be fulfilled.

In cases where there has been a serious issue, we encourage you to contact our specialists for a free consultation. For the above circumstances, the following e-mail should be used: [email protected]

Your inquiry will be answered in 7 days. Please be in touch, so that our specialists will be able to receive all required information from you in time. Once the scrutiny has been finished, if we figure out that your actions were entirely conscientious, and there is no other possible solution we can offer you, Wikiznak refunds the total cost of our services.

Please note, all inquiries for a refund should be in written form. Also, an actual reason that caused your desire for refund should be provided. We are going to do our best in terms of handling the issue to eventually fulfill all your demands.

The refund policy is in force and applicable to any user regardless of currency and terms.

Ultimately, the money will be returned to you in currency you used when paying for our services.