Patent your development in cooperation with a prominent patent attorney of the Russian Federation

With us, you will obtain a patent for your unique method as for a process. In addition to that, we can help you to protect your exclusive idea and to make your patent profitable.

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Our patent attorney possesses around 120 own patents. Therefore, he is able to recognize a protectable object in a pretty much every case. If your purpose is to obtain a protecting certificate, we are willing to help you

Do you pay royalty with accordance to a license agreement?

Since the qualification of our patent attorneys is extremely high, the following statement absolutely makes sense: It is possible to elude every patent. Call us, and we will tell you more about our clients’ cases

Have you already had a patent? Do you want to monetize it?

Would you like to acquire additional resources for your business development? Simply, contact us, and we will show you ways on how make your patent beneficial in your case


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